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Simplicity Car Care – Empire Downtown

11208-119 Street NW,
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2X3
Telephone: 780-425-9290
Fax: 780-425-9493 

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed on statutory holidays.

Simplicity Car Care – Empire South East

9000-60 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6A6
Telephone: 780-469-4418
Fax: 780-465-0224

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed on statutory holidays.

Simplicity Car Care – Empire West

17704-102 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1H5
Telephone: 780-452-5595
Fax: 780-452-7991

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed on statutory holidays.

Simplicity Car Care – Empire Red Deer

6439-67 St, Red Deer, AB T4P 1A3
Telephone: 587-815-5020

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed on statutory holidays.

Simplicity Car Care – Empire Sherwood Park

Suite 176, 2540 Broadmoor Blvd
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 1B4
Telephone: 587-409-4535
Fax: 780-465-0224

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed on statutory holidays.

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