Auto body repair paint will renew the sheen on the exterior of your car.

Some tips to keep your car body paint looking new:

  • Wash the vehicle by hand or with a touchless car wash, not a commercial brush or soft cloth system.
  • In the summer, wash with cold water and in the shade; in the winter, with warm water. Do not use detergents or cleaners.
  • Wipe off all water spots with a soft clean cloth or chamois after a wash.
  • Do not wax, polish, or apply any sealant products for at least 90 days after the paint job.
  • Keep the vehicle from extremes of high and low temperatures.
  • Do not park under trees or near industrial facilities with heavy fallout/smoke.
  • Avoid driving over gravel roads.
  • During winter months, pressure wash under fenders and hidden areas to remove road salts.
  • Avoid scraping ice and snow from painted surfaces.
  • Wipe off any antifreeze or windshield washer solution spills immediately.