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Car Accident Information A driving accident is always unexpected. The moments following a driving accident are essential for collecting the right car accident information. It’s important to follow the right steps so that your recovery from an accident is smooth. Below is a checklist of car accident advice, and some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind: Immediately following a driving accident: Check for injuries Move the vehicle to a safe place so that it is not obstructing the roadway (unless it is not driveable) Turn off vehicle ignition Call the police, even if the accident is minor What to do: Collect names, addresses, and license plate numbers of all persons and vehicles involved in the accident Collect insurance company information Make note of the date, time, location (address), ...

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Tips for Vehicle Detailing standard

At Empire, vehicle detailing is the last step in the collision repair process before the car goes through a final inspection and we hand you back the keys. Below are some car detailing tips to keep your car looking newer for longer. Vehicle Interior Vacuum carpets and seats, then remove stains with stain remover and a brush. Let seats and carpets dry. Clean the non-cloth portions of your vehicle with a soapy solution and soft cloth using cotton swabs or brushes to clean the cracks. Apply cleaner to rags, rather than spraying the dashboard directly. Use a glass cleaner on the windshield. Vehicle Exterior Begin with the wheels. Apply a car washing solution to ensure you don’t strip the wax from your wheels. Use a pressure ...

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How to Keep Your Paint Job Looking New standard

Auto body repair paint will renew the sheen on the exterior of your car. Some tips to keep your car body paint looking new: Wash the vehicle by hand or with a touchless car wash, not a commercial brush or soft cloth system. In the summer, wash with cold water and in the shade; in the winter, with warm water. Do not use detergents or cleaners. Wipe off all water spots with a soft clean cloth or chamois after a wash. Do not wax, polish, or apply any sealant products for at least 90 days after the paint job. Keep the vehicle from extremes of high and low temperatures. Do not park under trees or near industrial facilities with heavy fallout/smoke. Avoid driving over gravel roads. During winter ...

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How Empire is Going Green standard

Empire believes that everyone can play a role in maintaining the health of the environment. In our commitment to this belief, we’ve incorporated some environmentally friendly practices in our day-to-day operations: We recycle: Tires Oil Antifreeze Paint Cardboard We also use biodegradable soaps. Wondering what you can do to make your vehicle more environmentally friendly? Empire recommends keeping your gas mileage low and choosing environmentally friendly car wash ...

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Winter Driving Tips standard

Winter driving can be treacherous. Driving on ice, through blizzards, and into the blaring reflection of the sun off the snow are part of living through winter in Alberta. To avoid vehicle collisions, our strongest winter driving tip is to use winter tires. This simple investment can lessen your chance of collision. Prepare for Winter Driving by: Switching your all-season or summer tires to winter tires before the temperature drops below 7°C. Scrape the frost off your entire windshield and all windows before driving away. Also, clear the snow from the top of your car, as it may cover your windows as you begin driving. Keep a safety kit, extra clothing, including tuques and mitts, booster cables, a shovel, sand bags, and blankets ...

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