At Empire, vehicle detailing is the last step in the collision repair process before the car goes through a final inspection and we hand you back the keys. Below are some car detailing tips to keep your car looking newer for longer.

Vehicle Interior

  • Vacuum carpets and seats, then remove stains with stain remover and a brush. Let seats and carpets dry.
  • Clean the non-cloth portions of your vehicle with a soapy solution and soft cloth using cotton swabs or brushes to clean the cracks.
  • Apply cleaner to rags, rather than spraying the dashboard directly.
    Use a glass cleaner on the windshield.

Vehicle Exterior

  • Begin with the wheels. Apply a car washing solution to ensure you don’t strip the wax from your wheels. Use a pressure hose or brush to scrub.
  • Wash the rest of the car in sections, changing the water and the rag often.
  • Dry your vehicle thoroughly with a chamois and wax, if desired.